Friday, April 16, 2010

A well in the village of Zebe!

We're very excited to announce that a well is being dug in the village of Zebe. This small village is located just next to Game and the friendly people there are known for their amazing drumming. Here is a photo of some of the people of Zebe, including the Chief.
The process begins by looking for water.

As supplies arrive, the heavy bags of cement are unloaded...

and the metal bars.
The children of Zebe are very excited to have a well in their village. They will no longer have to walk a long distance to access clean water.

Many thanks to all that have contributed funds to make this happen. Those who have either bought artwork, participating in Art Camp or have donated through the website, your contributions truly make a difference. We continue to collect funds for a well in the neighboring village of Tomegbe. We welcome and encourage further donations. Find out more at

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turning and Churning

I've been in the studio lately making new wares for Spring. Yay Spring! My lilacs are busting out their blooms and I love to leave the garage door open on these sunny, yet cool days to catch the sweet breezes. I've had requests for larger bowl sets so I've been experimenting with those as well as bowl sets that hang. Stay tuned!